Do you know that trees talk and dance

Do you know that trees talk and dance? They talk and dance to each other and talk and dance to you if you listen and feel them.
We are all part of the whole nature. We are water, metal, earth, and air…no way we can separate from it, also trees share the same source of nature and have spirit as human. Nature is a great strength giver in our lives. Heightening our awareness of the nature will support our healing and empower the feeling of SELF and HOME…While I was in Hanoi, my experience in movement and applying this experience in teaching at Sol Art, Life Art or VIP International School uncovered how creative movement empowered students to develop personality and strengthen their inner leadership.
In one of my classes “Movement with Nature,” I guided my students to make physical contact and engage all senses with a tree. Vietnamese students pay attention to feelings, emotions and images stimulated by their contact with the tree. Then they were asked to dance with the tree and find their relationship to it. The tree is in you and you are in the tree. After that, the students were invited to draw their tree and write about the experience. Children identify with nature through projecting themselves into the form of a tree and its movement. From this process, they can obtain rich insights and meaningful connections to their life needs. One shy girl shared “my tree is scared to sleep alone’. Another student showed sensitivity through seeing the wounding and said “my tree doesn’t like being hit”. Another child saw the trees as endless, a home that offered strength and safety. “I am here if you need help” her tree said….
Trees oi, stay strong and peace. Children and I am looking forward to playing, singing, dancing and whispering to you very soon…