7/13/17 The Rick Blog’s Current Theory of Trump Investigation

7/13/17 The Rick Blog’s Current Theory of Trump Investigation
Here are questions that I would raise about Don, Jr., Kushner and Manafort’s meeting with the Russian lawyer — and many other meetings that they held with the Russian members of the conspiracy to steal the election — was the meeting about “opposition research” at all? Or was it about how to disseminate Russian “fake news” (the original definition — the writing of false news stories by Russian operatives to influence American voters to vote for Trump) with the algorithms of Cambridge Analytica (weird billionaire Robert Mercer and white nationalist creep Steve Bannon’s company best-known for involvement in military disinformation campaigns, social media branding and voter targeting)? It would seem that Russia could provide money and “fake news” propaganda, but wouldn’t have the knowledge of who to target with its lies in order to disrupt the election though information technology.
Mercer switched to backing Trump after Trump beat Cruz, Mercer’s original pick, for the Republican nomination. At the same time, Bannon joined the Trump campaign as CEO. Don, Jr. , Kushner and Manafort met with the Russian lawyer in the same time frame as Mercer and Bannon’s switch to Trump because they were setting up the conspiracy to get Cambridge Analytica to partner with Russia for a misinformation campaign and to draw Trump’s inner circle into the conspiracy(?) Trump and his family are fronts for Mercer and Putin?
Collusion, my ass. TREASON. Liaisons between Cambridge and Russia — treason — facilitating the cyber attack to steal the election — billion dollar payoffs to the fronts — the phony billionaire Trump family who couldn’t get a loan from a US bank but are paid off by a foreign power — more treason.
I was wondering when Mercer and Bannon were going to come under suspicion. They may have just been shielded by the technical complexity of their participation. Their involvement will be shown with evidence later because of its sophisticated nature.
If voters were targeted with misinformation as I describe above, that is as sure a way to steal an election as manipulating voter tallies — and the Trump presidency is illegitimate.
Then what? I am certain that Mueller’s team is looking at the questions that I raise here.
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